(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)


After about 9-ish years having a non-tech management function I’ve decided to take my work back underground, to stop it falling into the wrong hands. (+1 if you know where that line comes from 🙂

As my feeling with tech was fading, and as I felt I would never be as skilled in management as I was with tech, it was now time to get back into tech to ensure my professional value for the next decade. There’s less need for a manager with 10yrs of experience that for a tech guy with 30yrs of experience.

I have been telling people that I cashed in on my bitcoins and was going to retire. Apparently I also forgot to tell some people that this was a joke. So here: it was a joke, I’m not rich… if I was, I’d be in some exotic location right now.

So what I am doing to earn a living these days

Since September I’ve gone back to software development and all things related and I started working 3 days/week for a small company in Antwerp, where I inherited an IoT project (mainly ruby stuff  [small dance]).  The project was started before IoT was a buzzword and is not using a standard IoT architecture on the backend, which is turning into a set of (fixable) challenges.

When I’m there, I’m clearly not the smartest guy in the room. This is good. I’m also the average age there, which is rather remarkable when you’re 40+ and in tech.

For 1 day/week, I’m still working for my previous employer. Transferring my knowledge and advising on the more niche technology they’re using.

Tech stuff I’ve recently been toying with

  • Vagrant and Chef
  • Autohotkey to optimize my dev environment. I still don’t like mice.
  • Angular basics to understand where it could be useful
  • Time series database/storage solutions (only been reading up on things thus far)

Personal projects

As far as personal projects are concerned, I’m as usual working on too much at the same time, and procrastinating too much (like making a now-page) when I should just pick one project and finish it.

  • There’s this thing for on-demand digital printing
  • There’s a thing for security awareness in SME’s
  • There’s 20 other ideas, but I’m trying to focus on finding out if there’s actual demand for the above before getting all excited about a new idea

Both are ruby/sinatra/postgres based for the backend, and bootstrap/jquery+various plugins for the frontend. Not afraid to throw in something else if it’s better suited.

Books I’m reading, or I’ve recently read

  • Never Split The Difference  (Chris Voss)
  • Badass – Making Users Awesome  (Kathy Sierra)
  • Designing Products People Love  (Scott Hurff)
  • Rails, Angular, Postgres and Bootstrap (David Bryant Copeland)
  • The Brain Audit  (Sean D’Souza)

Places I want to visit

Both Iceland and Budapest come to mind right now… We might not make it on a family holiday this year, but if we do it might be to one of these, or maybe Italy or Greece again.