Day: October 9, 2005

Dew-NewPHPplinks category insert made easier

A while ago a friend of mine wanted to run an ‘internet directory’ using a php/mysql based script called Dew-NewPHPLinks.

He wanted to add a whole bunch of categories but the online standard way to do this really is a bit cumbersome to add more than a handfull at a time. I helped him out by writing a little php script that adds categories from a txt file with a fairly straightforward layout.

You can find the script here.

I really can’t remember the exact purpose of formatting/parameters, but the script itself contains a little example commented in which I remember was straightforward at the time.

Remember to change the path to your categories-textfile and your mysql connection parameters as needed.


…and welcome to my (=Piet Hadermann) ‘blog’.
Well, actually… I’m planning on using this more as an automated notepad to preserve various notes (probably all IT/development related, since I don’t usually keep notes concerning anything else) for the future.

I tended to keep notes on paper. Although paper has some big advantages (extreme portability, low power requirements, really nice tactile user interface) I was always unable to find the notes I needed later on. Unfortunately Google also turned out to be unable to index my notes. I guess their bot was unable to decipher my handwriting or decided it was spam.

I also use a ‘private’ wiki for various notes and brain-dumps, but as from now on I’m planning on dumping any info that might benefit someone else right here.

In the past I’ve often stumbled upon blogs and web pages of people doing just this when I was looking for a way to solve a problem or some information. This is my way of giving something back without really having to put in any extra effort (I especially like the ‘no extra effort’ part).

blahblah yadayada and so on… (you should really get a hobby if you’ve read this far)