Twilio – Telephony in the cloud

[repost because the original post was lost due to an error from my hosting provider]

Interested in an easy way to hook up your application to the phone system ? Check out

Haven’t used it yet, but it seems easy as pie!

Yes, you can probably do the same with Asterisk but figuring out the web service to Twilio is probably a lot easier/faster than installing and learning Asterisk.

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  1. Hey, sorry to hear the original post was lost! Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we’re doing a developer contest right now over at Twilio, and we’re awarding a Netbook every week to the best app. This weeks category is “Killer Marketing Tools”, and it’s only the second week of the contest. It would be great to see you submit something.

    There’s more info at:

    Danielle Morrill
    Twilio Community Manager

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